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Network CFUD

bringing the insanity to you

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HELLO HELLO HELLOOO~~~ and welcome!

This journal's sole purpose is to keep track of everything created in relation to LJ RPG - the one, the only, the Awesome Brainspawn of Biz The Greatest Mod Ever: campfuckudie. Current residents, past residents, pet accounts, communities, spin-offs: you name it! Simply bookmark The Network, and you can keep an eye on all the on-goings in CFUD without it all taking up a huge chunk of your own Friends page.

There are also a variety of filters for you to use, or if you want a custom one that's currently not available, I'll fix one up for you! Just leave a note saying who you want to keep an eye on, and I'll reply back when I'm done.

Granted, this is limited in that you won't be able to see Friends-only posts unless you have them friended yourself. Call this the quick and easy way if you don't mind missing out on canon pimping?

There is also a weekly post to keep track of arrivals and departures. Help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Any questions?

P.S. For private inquiries, please see the email above.

CFUD Dungeon Adventure
CFUD Space Adventure
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